Sunday, September 9, 2007

Effective Tips On Reciprocal Linking

By Jamie Boyle

When reciprocal link is used properly it can drastically increase your PR in search engines and bring you nice quality traffic as well.

Some of the first thing people should do when looking at reciprocal linking are:

1. Make sure the page that your linking to has an equal or greater PR then you. By doing so it increases the quality and value of that link. As your PR increases, search engines notice your site a lot more. You can see your PR by downloading the Google Toolbar.

2. Make sure that when you exchange links with sites that they have related content. When doing so, search engines will notice them more.

3. Make sure that when setting up titles as your links that you contain your keywords in there. Do not just use your website address. By doing so search engines will pull up those keywords in your title and have more effective results when searches are done.

4. Never include more then 100 links on your webpage as search engines picks this up as a form of spam. If doing so it will hurt your PR.

5. Make sure you check to see if your link is still on the other persons website periodically.

6. Make sure you only exchange links that are appropriate for your site. Instead of trying to add more and more links to your site to get your exchange links up, try and only choose the ones that are best suited for the content of your site. Quality over quantity.

By following these simple steps this will help you improve your Google PR and drive some good steady targeted traffic to your website.


SEO said...

Hi Jamie Boyle,

Very helpful tips.

To ensure that your link partners are linking back to your website, here is a nice tool.

Jamie Boyle said...


Thanks for the tip! Definitely a great tool to make sure your link is on the other website as well.

That's something new to me, I knew there would have to be such a thing on the internet but never really took the time to look. Thanks for sahring. Now instead of manually checking each individual link exchange people can use this reciprocal link checker.

Thanks SEO for taking the time to stop by and share. My readers will like the tip.


Jamie Boyle
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