Saturday, September 8, 2007

Increasing Website Traffic Through Reciprocal Linking and One Way Links

By Jamie Boyle

You can drastically increase website traffic by submitting your website to website directories. When submitting your site to website directories you can link to that site either by reciprocal linking or one way links.

In the past reciprocal linking was widely used but now a days one way linking is the way to go. Once you get visitors to your website you want to keep them there. The longer they are there the higher chance of a sale. What people need to do is submit there site to 1000's of directories and which will in turn have thousands of links pointing back to you. Most directories out there offer free submissions but people always have the chance to have there site listed higher in the directories for a small fee. Now we all know that submitting sites to 1000's of directories would take a very long time by hand, now on the market people can get Directory Submitters that will have the form all filled out for you speeding up the whole process. Submitting to directories is a sure way to increase your page ranking on search engines.


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