Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Forum Marketing Increases Website Traffic

By Jamie Boyle

Forum Marketing is one of the most widely used forms of increasing website traffic. Forums are great places for people to find tons of useful information on Internet marketing and other great topics in the industry.

Forums increase website traffic by contributing and helping others with their business. People share their knowledge, tips and ideas on business. The reason why forum marketing is so commonly used for Internet marketing is people are able to leave their signature ad below every post they place on a thread. So people are able to help others, share ideas and at the same time get some traffic to your website through your signature links. The only thing about this is please contribute to the topic, just don't post a reply just to get your signature link there. Forums are meant to help people so lets all contribute and help one another.

Signature links are so effective as there are tons of people on forums looking for information. Make sure your signature link is written well so that people will want to click on it. Same as when people write an ad for Adwords PPC. You need an effective title basically showing a benefit to them or gain curiosity drawing them to visit your site. If you write an effective signature ad you can drastically increase website traffic.

To increase website traffic make sure you visit forums on a regular basis. Try to do it daily and and contribute to threads and make at least 5 posts. There is a great Free Internet Guide that people should check out that shows you things you should be doing on a daily basis, works very well. Making just 5 posts a day, 35 posts per week, 140 posts per month will make a huge difference. If each thread had say 500 views per thread and your signature ad was possibly seen, that would total 70,000 possible signature ad views. That's crazy! Think of how much money you would have made with your business opportunity, Adsense or any product you are promoting. Forums are definitely the place to be.

Now that was just one forum, there are many out there. Imagine if you did 10 forums, 5 posts per day that would equal 700,000 views. I think you get my picture now how forum marketing can definitely help your website traffic. Like I said before just make sure you contribute to the forums and help others, that is what it's all about.


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