Monday, October 1, 2007

Search Engine Optimization Tips

By Jamie Boyle

Search engine optimization is one of the biggest things people need to do to rank high within search engines like Google, Yahoo and many others. Search engine optimization can generate tons of traffic to your site easily through the use of keywords on your website.

Here I am going to show you some SEO tips that will generate website traffic:

1. Keywords should be used in all links whether its a link within your own website or it's a link to another website.

2. Keywords should also be used in all page title tags and it should be the first word if possible this will help rank high in search engines as well. The keyword that you choose for your page title, that page itself should be optimized for that keyword that is within your page title. Web page optimization needs to be done for every page for that single keyword.

3. Keywords should also be used in your meta tags description tag. Meta tag optimization will increase website traffic. A good advice for your content tag description is to make sure you have your keyword is in the description tag at least once. Once is good but twice is even better, it will give your website more relevancy for searches when they crawl your website. Do not put keyword in your description tag more than twice as search engines can penalize you for keyword spamming.

4. All websites usually have a keyword meta tag within the website. Every search engine is different now a days. Some search engines still look at keyword tags for your website but others do not. People should always put this in, in case some search engines still crawl these as well. Include within your tag at the first the keywords that are most relevant to your website will definitely help with optimization.

5. When optimizing your website, people should always place their keywords in the Heading tag as well. Search engines looks at these tags within websites.

6. Bolding keywords within a website is definitely a good idea. When you bold keyword text within a website it makes it easier for the search engine to crawl your website and pick up those keywords. Bold text is given more weight then regular text and will help with optimization for your website perform well.

7. Using your keyword within your page often as well is a good way to help with search engine optimization. Remember that keyword is what people are looking for so use it often but make sure you use it with good content and don't spam your keyword within your page. If you add your keyword within your web page to often search engines can penalize your website. Your keyword should be used once or twice within the first sentence. People should try and have their keyword in there webpage between 2-4 times for each paragraph.

By using these simple guidelines will help you in improving your search engine ranking by simply using these simple search engine optimization tips.


SEO said...

There are some more methods to rank your site well for relevant keyphrases.

1. Create a blog and start posting about your company, services, products or news related to your area. Link the post to your site. When search engine's index blog,the link to your site will be counted.

2. Social bookmarking :
Bookmark your own pages-this is obvious. Bookmark sites that link to your site. It's always good practice to do this as it also gets your link out there without it being an obvious move on your part.

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Jamie Boyle said...

Thanks SEO for those valuable tips on using search engine optimization to rank well in search engines. Those tips will definitely help people get some free traffic from searches being done on the internet.

If people look online you will see tons of business's out there today having blogs. Great way to get they're news out there and a link back to their main website. That's definitelt why blogs are becoming a growing trend for business today.

Social bookmarking is another great tip. As I always say to all my visitors the more pages indexed by search engines and if people use seo to their advantage you will get the rewards.

Thanks for the great tips and advice on search engine optimization.

Another good tip is always keep your blog fresh with new content. Search engines especially Google loves when they see updated blogs on a regular basis and will help you in your search engine rankings as well. Keep it fresh, Keep it updated.

Is there anything else that you do for SEO?


Jamie Boyle
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