Friday, December 7, 2007

Warning: Attention ALL MSN Messengers

By Jamie Boyle

Block Delete Alert!!!Yesterday I received a link through Windows Live Chat from a contact of mine linking me to All there was, was just a link and nothing more and it was a little weird to me. What BlockDelete's website does is captures your Windows Live Messenger Details which you give to get this suppose to be free service to find out who blocked you on MSN Messenger from their contact lists.

What happens when you sign up for this and enter your information you are then logged in onto another computer which they now have access to all your contact lists. What they then do is begin spamming people sending them the link from your account and getting others to do the same. So if you get a message from one of your contacts with just a link people should question this even though they know its suppose to be coming from a trusted contact.

Many of us use MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Skype just to name a few in which this person may be trying other Messenging sites as well. We all use these nice tools for us to communicate with family, friends, co-workers and people also use this as a nice way for business as well which saves a ton on long distance. We should inform as many people as we can about this latest scam or hacker to say so that people are aware of not to do when they get such a link.

Yeah unfortunately I was a victim of Block Delete scam as well. I had all the warning signs of a scam but I went ahead and did it anyways as it came from someone I knew. That’s how Block Delete works so well, people usually trust the person it came from.

Also the link that is being sent to people is I left out the other “w” in the address as I dont want that link linking to block Delete. He is using that address that redirects to Block Delete. He will also continue to change the URL that redirects as MSN I beleive is fighting this hacker as we speak. You cannot type in those two URL’s and

People should strongly think what they do before doing it, I never do, had all the warning signs telling me not too but did anyways. People should change their password right away and also log out of MSN Messenger right away as I beleive that shuts down the other MSN on their computer as well and then re-log back in.

People should also try and send a personal email from another account warning people not to do this, and explain why. We need to stop this guy from doing this to people. Just make sure you don’t fall victim of this stuff. I also went did a google search on and typed in “who is” which shows you who registered that web adresss by typing in the domain on one of the search results that come up. It was registered by GoDaddy and is a private registration. He doesn not want to be found.

Always be weary on entering in other log in information on others websites. Do background research and the best thing to do is, “do nothing at all” don’t sign up, enter data, nothing. Close the website and like the saying goes follow your gut if you have any weird feelings concerning a website.

The good thing is that MSN Messenger is helping stop this block delete scam, hacker. I would suggest if you have any personal information on your email account to forward it to another or delete it as this Block Delete hacker could have access to personal information of yours.

Lets work together, share this information with family and friends so that other people don’t fall victims of this Block or scam.

If by chance you did sign up to that what you need to do is CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY. You can log into your account and then click on the right hand side "options" then you can see your personal information and change the password immdediately. Also if your other contacts were sucked into this scam as well make sure you let your contacts know as well. Together we will stop this scam that is relatively new that came out. I checked and that website was registered in March '07. Just be on the look out as well for any future changes this person does as I heard he changes the URL once a week to redirect new people to this scam site.

Make sure you share this information with others so they don't become the next victim of this BlockDelete scam.

I have created a blog all about Block Delete scam that is going on and I will keep it updated all the time with the latest news concerning at Warning Block Delete Scam- Feel free to either leave comments here or over on my blog there as well.

Looking out for you,

Jamie Boyle


Stacey said...

okay so just how seriouse is this virus? am I gonna loose everything on my computer or anything like that because my computer seems fine and I did click the link my msn just keeps saying "you are logged on to another computer" I don't have alot of experience in computer viruses I hope it's not going to really harm my computer I am NEVER clicking on a link before I speak to the one who sent it to me:(

Jamie Boyle said...

Hi Stacey,

To let you know it's not a virus so you don't have to worry about any damage being done on your computer. Your computer will continue to work normal.

What you need to right away if you haven't already done so is change your password as soon as possible. This will not allow this person to have access to your email, MSN anymore. Once you do this, log off and log back in forcing MSN to log off of this hackers computer as well. Block Delete like I said works so well as people are more trusting when it comes from someone you know. The only thing is, the person that you thought sent it to you was really the hacker on their MSN.

The only thing I would suggest if you have kept any passwords for things saved onto another email account like some people do, I would suggest changing these right away. This person whoever it is running might have had access to your email, MSN for a while now, so just be cautious and make sure you didn't have any important information saved onto your email account.

Don't feel bad many have been caught in this little hacking scam going on. No matter what your experience level is using computers, lots of people have become victims of this hacker.

Just beware next time of what you do, when a website is asking you to enter in your username and password to another service online BEWARE. Do research first.

To sum this up change your password and you should be fine now. Any other questions please feel free to ask.


Jamie Boyle

sasha said...

i've been to and i have signed in-put my adress and password and i've clicked "get list" ,than a warning came up saying i'm logged in to another computer. Than i clicked ok or something and i've got the list,than i've signed in to my computer again and everything seems ok since,have i done anything wrong? and what does "you're logged in to another computer" mean? please be more specific because i don't understand very much those things...

Jamie Boyle said...

Hi Sasha,

Yeah is another domain name like that is a phishing website looking for your personal information. What it means that " You're Logged Into Another Computer" is that someone now has access to your email and your MSN Messenger account. When you placed your email address and password on their site it gave them access.

You need to change your password immediately! I have also set up a blog all about block delete scam that is going on at for people to learn more about his. As I always say knowledge is the best form of defence against such phishing websites and online scams.

What this hacker is doing now to your MSN Messenger account is sending them a link trying to get them tricked into doing the same thing and the whole process will continue to go on and on.

Go visit my Block Delete Scam Blog to learn more about this scam that keeps on catching more victims by getting their credentials.

If you need more help or have any questions please feel free to ask.


Jamie Boyle
Internet Marketing Coach

Protecting You From Online Phishing

Anonymous said...

Hi,it's me again.I still don't understand, what are this persons benefits from finding out my personal information,because i use messenger only to comunicate with my friends. Why would this guy need any of MY informations at all?

MakingMoneyForLife said...

What this person is doing is similar to indentity theft. He is using your msn account to further scam other people. What block delete does is tries and gets your credentials from you. Then you will start getting spam and I've heard of some people who fell for this block delete scam they have also received emails asking for the credit card information.

So you ask what are the benefits of knowing your personal information? Well it's huge and people should be careful on what they do. Never give your username or password on third party websites. This person is a hacker, spammer and scam artist, so be careful and don't fall for this. Once you or someone else falls for this so they can see who supposively blocked who on MSN, they will pretend they are the person to send messages through your account to try and catch other people.

I hope this helps more on informing you about Block Delete or who blocks you or any other domain this person may be operating under.

Any other questions please feel free to ask.


Jamie Boyle
Internet Marketing Coach

Want To Make Money Online

Anonymous said...

hey..i just wated to ask is this page "" also dangerous, cuz i've tried it a couple of times..?

MakingMoneyForLife said...

To be honest I've never really heard of but I took a quick look and I know I wouldn't do anything on that site for sure, unless you want tons of spam by the looks of things. I can't say much about it and haven't done any research on that one. All I can say is if a third party website ever asks for your username and password for something else, DON'T!! They are phishing websites. If I were you, i would be weary about this website but do a google search and see what you find out on forums and elsewhere to be on the safe side.


Jamie Boyle
Make Money Online The Fast Way

Anonymous said...

hi jamie
i was just wonderin would this scam have any thing to do with the fact i seem to be havin trouble loggin on to msn at times and friend has told me they recieve a message from me sayin just click which i didnt could u please shed some light on this for me or has some one just blocked me from their contacts and thats the reason im havin trouble to log on at times

3dge said...


You give this website your username and password. Then, they log into your MSN account on another computer(which is why you can't login) then they change your display name and send advertising messages to all your contacts.
They will keep doing this, probably every day until you change your password!

NEVER give ANYONE your password!!

You may not think it's important but someone got hold of my sister's hotmail account, changed her password, and inside it were passwords for sites such as ebay and amazon. They started trying to buy things on ebay in her name,... it was just lucky her Paypal account had a different password to her ebay acount,... >.>

Tracy Esau said...

i personally have taken some expertise from jeff paul and honestly speaking i have not found any negative thing about him. I will agree to a point that someone might have not benefited from him but we simply can not deny the fact that there are spill over effects in every industry. my friends even have taken entrepreneurship from him and all of then have benifited from it.

Kbeaudry said...


My husband and I both fell for this...I thought it was odd when I did it (smack me) because people who I were talking to the site claimed to be blocking me.

Anyways tonight...someone had a convo with my husband and it was NOT me .... from my research this is not the pattern of the hackers...or is it...this distrubing and might be someone else in my life but this convo seemed to know stuff about me.

Anyways can you help...I can share the convo and it changed my name to the whoseblocking you link...

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