Wednesday, January 9, 2008

BlogRush 100 Member Downline In 30 Days

By Jamie Boyle

As I previously talked about BlogRush and how to increase blog traffic using it I want to show you my statistics for 30 days using it and how many members in my referral network. It goes to show people if you promote it and refer others you can help increase your blog traffic. Now I have only been a member of BlogRush for like a month now and I could have had more members in my downline as well if I had done a few things differently for sure. Just imagine doing this for 6 months, a year and more. The credits earned and blog traffic and referrals in your Bloggers Referral Network would be incredible.

Here are my BlogRush statistics 100 member downline in 30 days.

Now this is all FREE Blog Traffic that you can generate. Now if you look at my statistics here you will see all my referral came from my own efforts. I wish my downline sees this post and reads it and starts promoting it. If my downline was promoting BlogRush like me and taking advantage of this marketing tool my credits earned and Bloggers in my referral network should have been much much larger.

I know John Reese has a video on BlogRush showing people one BlogRush members accounts downline and the credits you can earn are unlimited really. In the latest news BlogRush New Phase 2 video that you can see on the website it shows one member having 417 members in her downline earning her credits and more blog traffic. Using BlogRush you can earn credits for your referrals and their referrals for 10 levels deep. When your referrals start promoting it that's when you will see how BlogRush can really work for you.

Learn how you can promote BlogRush and get more referrals in your BlogRush network in a post I will make about How To Grow Your BlogRush Referral Network. I'll show you what I did that started to bring me in members in my downline earning me credits and blog traffic to my blogs. Promote BlogRush and you will see your Blog Traffic increase.

Start promoting BlogRush Today to earn more blog traffic for FREE.


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