Friday, January 18, 2008

How To Increase Blog Traffic

By Jamie Boyle

Blog traffic is something we all wish would be there as soon as we set up a blog and watch the steady increase of readers coming in to read it. That's definitely not the case! People need to start building their blog traffic and get readers to your blog. Just by setting up your blog, doesn't mean the readers are there.

There are several things people need to do to generate blog traffic and here I am going to show you ways to get more hits to your blog.

1. Create good content. With good quality content on your blog chances are you will keep people coming back to read more. Also If your writing is that good they might even share that with friends creating new readership.

2. Commenting on blogs. Surf the Internet and find other great blogs around the same topic that your blog is about. By simply doing this you will get hits from your comment as your name is a link back to your blog. Commenting on blogs is a sure way to increase blog traffic and link popularity.

3. Use pictures and images. People like to see things with their own eye. Have pictures and photos on your blog. Make it eye appealing and if your referring to statistics on something or someone show a picture. Everyone loves looking at pictures. Sometimes words are not enough people want to see for themselves. A good example of this is on one of my blogs where I show people step by step how to divide water lilies with pictures you can see by clicking on the link.

4. Ping your blog. The search engines need to know when you update your blog. Use Pingomatic to let them know you updated it. Updating your blog regularly increases blog traffic and page rank.

5. Join traffic exchange programs. A good way to increase traffic is BlogExplosion but beware if your a member of Adsense and have Adsense Ads on your blog it may violate TOS. I don't use traffic exchange programs myself but they do work. Just be careful with programs you join and check with Adsense rules to make sure you comply with TOS.

6. Submit Blog to directories. This is something people should definitely do, helps gain more link popularity with one way links or reciprocal linking and gets you blog traffic.

Just by using these simple blogging tips will get you more traffic to your blog. People need to continue doing the things to increase traffic and keep building upon that to get even more readers to your blog. Hope these blog traffic tips bring you more traffic to your blog. Continue blogging and you will see the difference in traffic.

Jamie Boyle
Helping You Increase Blog Traffic


Giun Sun said...

Hey Jamie, nice post! Good information for beginners. I implemented a few of them myself. I have a post on my site that adds onto your post if you want to take a look at:

Jamie Boyle said...

Hi Giun Sun,

Thanks! Yeah the biggest thing with internet marketing is learning to build the traffic to your website or blog. Without traffic, what do you really have?

If people follow simple proven steps at generating traffic they will in turn make money with their site with all the hits coming in.

Thanks for sharing the information on building content. You shared some great advice that will help people get more traffic.

I always tell people the more CONTENT one has on their blog the more times it will be indexed by search engines which will be more hits.

Here's a simple formula I live by:

Build Quality Content=More Pages Indexed=More Free Blog Traffic=More Money You Will Be Making

Increase traffic and you will see great things that happen.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your content advice link as well.


Jamie Boyle

Making Money From Home With Internet Marketing

Arham said...

Nice Points, oh ya I'm already had number 1 - 5 , but I'm not understand with number 6, can U explain me?..

oh ya, is Blogcatalog is one of number 5

Jamie Boyle said...

Hi Arham,

Thanks definitely some good steps that will help build and generate blog traffic that people are looking for.

About Blog Traffic tip #6 Submitting your blog or website to directories is definitely something you should do. What you do here is submit your site to blog directories. Directories are a list of sites that have tons of sites all catagorized in certain topics. By submitting to directories will help improve everything from link popularity, page rank and traffic. I am going to do a post on this so that people will have a better idea what to do here.

What are some of the things your doing now to generate more hits and traffic to your blog?


Jamie Boyle

Helping You Build Blog Traffic

cathyromine said...

Your Blog Is Very Informative...
Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Boyle said...

Hi Cathyromine,

Your very welcome, I try to add as much information as possible all about internet marketing and making money online to help people. I'm glad you like my blog and if there is anything I can help you with please feel free to ask.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.


Jamie Boyle

Helping You Make Money Online

Merqury said...

Very good article on drawing traffics to blog.

MakingMoneyForLife said...

Hi Mercury,

I'm glad you liked my article on How To Increase Blog Traffic. If people follow these steps they will see their blog traffic increase.

Another way to increase traffic is by setting up a Google Adwords campaign. First people would need to sign up to Google Adwords and start advertising for their blog. This can definitely jump start your traffic and your blog earnings as well.

The good thing with Google Adwords is that you can target per location on where you want your ads to appear and also target certain keywords related to your blog or website topic. This way you get much more targeted traffic which will help your conversion more easily whether your involved with affiliate marketing or simply selling products online.

Glad you liked the blog traffic article. Thanks for your nice blog comment.


Jamie Boyle
Internet Marketing Coach

Want To Earn Great Money Online

Internet Marketing Tips said...

Another way is to run a contest. I am running a contest right now on my blog, and whoever comments the most will receive a free membership.

I was not sure if it would really work, but there has been a pretty good share of traffic to the blog each day for the last 2 weeks.

The Official Social SEO Guide Blog

Bob Matharoo said...

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Konstantinos said...

Nice set of tips. I have to disagree though with the traffic exchange programs part. It is not that you might have a problem with adsense, it is that Google does not 'particularly' like traffic exchange, so the site's ranking might take a big hit. If there is massive interlinking(i am not talking about just a few links) Google penalizes all participating sites. Here is my top-10 things to avoid for SEO

Jamie Boyle said...

Hi Konstantinos,

Thank you! These will help improve and increase blog traffic.

Yeah I don't use traffic exchange programs but some people do to increase traffic to their blog. Yes your right Google does have a problem with link farms but as far as Google Adsense is concerned traffic exchange programs may be in direct violation of terms of service so for anyone who does do this they should be cautious if they still want to be a part of the Google Adsense program.

The thing with Google Adsense is there is a lot of talk about traffic exchange programs but there is no definite answer in TOS that say that, but lot of people talking on the internet that it does and Google don't like that. Just like Google Adsense arbitrage, which they don't like to see either. I just want people to be aware and cautious on what they do.

By the way I visited your blog and you offered some great tips on 10 things to avoid for SEO. Great job will help out people for sure.


Jamie Boyle
Internet Marketer

Want To Make Money For Life?

Steve said...

Thank you for this great information.

Steve Lane said...

Very helpful information. Thank you. I can use all the tips I can get my hands on right now. It sure feels like I'm the only one reading my blog most of the time.

MakingMoneyForLife said...

Hi Steve,

I'm glad you like my increasing blog traffic tips. Doing a website or blog is easy to do, it's the website or blog traffic that can be the hard part if you don't know how to get it.

You'll get more readers to your blog and something you should consider if you don't have it already is get Feedburner subsriptions. This way you will get returning visitors inceasing your blog traffic and rankings.

Need any more help at increasing blog traffic send me a comment. The more work you put forth to increasing traffic, it will pay off in the end.

Thanks for stopping by my " How To Increase Blog Traffic " blog post.


Jamie Boyle
Internet Marketing Coach

Want To Make Money For Life

Yunar - Free Advertising said...

What about blogrush? Is it ok to combine adsense with it like you do?
Thank for the great tips :-)

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Traffic Masters said...

Great Post! I think the most important of all is Good Content, because the best way to get traffic is word of mouth, or I guess email :) If you write good posts people will tell other people and that's what you want.
Again very informative post and I'll probably check back in the future!

Jonathan Muller

kendoku said...

thanks for the ideas!

i will give some a try on my website,


MakingMoneyForLife said...

Hi Kendoku,

Your welcome! These ways are sure to increase your website traffic.

Best of luck and best wishes in 2009!


Jamie Boyle
Learn How To Convert Website Traffic And Begin Making Money Online Today

grene said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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