Friday, January 23, 2009

Adsense Ads Not Showing On Blogger Blogs Today

By Jamie Boyle

People may have found a shock today to see adsense ads not showing up on their Blogger Blogs today. Last night is when I noticed this problem as I was creating new adsense codes for my goldfish blog. After I made the change I noticed that only public service ads were showing. I thought this was kind of weird.

I did notice that the link unit ads are different now. I suspect that Google may be trying something new that may have created this problem. It could have cause a glitch in their system. I can just imagine how many people thought that their Google Adsense account may have been banned. It probably scared some people today as they went and checked their adsense earnings. The good thing about it is that only Blogger blogs had this problem happen to. On websites adsense ads were showing up fine as I checked my and it was working just great. For any Adsense publishers who only have Blogger blogs they must have been pretty darn scared to see there earnings thgis morning at $0. Hopefully Google will get this problem fixed soon as I went around looking on Google Groups to see many people discussing this issue.

Lets hope and pray that our Adsense Ads begin showing up on our Blogger blogs soon.

*** Update Google Adsense Ads now showing up on Blogger blogs, problem now fixed ***

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