Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains

by Jamie Boyle

Some of you after changing to custom domains are seeing this error message "blogs may not be hosted at naked domains". I am seeing this too. I was on the Google Blogger Help Forum and found out I was 1 out of 3 other people who are seeing this message. You can see this error message below as I took a screen shot:

blogs may not be hosted at naked domains error message seen by some bloggers today

Just yesterday I had some custom domain problems but since now I have that fixed from some helpful bloggers on the Blogger Help Forum. I am in the process of finding out what to do with this error message I am getting after re-publishing my blog to my custom domain. I will update this after I get some more information. As far as I know now is I have to recycle domain settings in Google Apps but I will update further info as I get it. I'm still unsure why people are seeing this error message "blogs may not be hosted at naked domains". I'll find out soon.


trader said...

so far 10 days and you did not fix a problem yet - me as well -in case you find something please write hier

MakingMoneyForLife said...

Hi there,

I am still receiving the same error message "Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains". I have not fixed it yet.

Apparently you need to go into Google Apps and recylce domain settings. I have not yet done this but when I do I will upload the new information here. Even though you see the error message "Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains" your web address still works. I'll let you know more shortly. Just have many projects on the go with limited time.


Jamie Boyle
Learn How To Make Money Online

trader said...

thank you for your prompt reply - I am as well have the same problem - when trying to redirect to www - naked domen error appears

superbiz said...

and how to recycle?

Making Money For Life said...

For people who are having this same issue "Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains" you need to recycle the domain settings. In order to do this you need to sign into your Google Apps or register for one and recycle domain settings. A good blog that talks about this can be seen at Another Blog is already hosted at this address A good blog with all kinds of information about blogging. I will write on this blog later when I get a chance but for meantime check that out. Also for anytime you need any help with such issues people can always check out the Google Blogger Help Forum. Great spot to go when looking for help.

Talk to you later,

Jamie Boyle
Learn How To Make Money Online

spbz said...

Ok - thank you again for your attention. Will try to do as described on that blog - as I don't want to loose my clients. Hope you will fix it as well - will check ;)

spbz said...

HAve been tried to recycle domain as per your link advice - but without success. It would be good idea some one to make post in his blog with proper instruction with pictures. I think there is a hot subject - so ... can attract more visitors ... could you post some thing like this - I was looking all over the internet - but found nothing HELP ((

Making Money For Life said...

Your very welcome! Try that and I'm sure the issue will be resolved. From people who were on the Google Blogger Help Forum and that were also seeing "Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains" were able to fix it by simply recycling the domain settings.

That blog is very informative and will help you out step by step. I'll get to it when I get a chance. I don't have a Google Apps account yet and I will need to set one up. To me it doesn't really matter much as people who visit my blog type in and come straight here. The only one that doesn't work with this issue is the will come up as a 404 error. Most people type www. almost everyone does so really not much of a big deal to me right now. I will fix it up soon though after I finish up a project I'm working on.

Talk to you later,

Jamie Boyle
Learn How To Make Money Online

spbz said...

so.. again you did not fix this problem yet?! I am as well - has tried everything - no result - support in keeping silence! MAy be my English is not good enough to undestand?

sem said...

blog redirection from to is most important. this my opinion

Anil said...

My Help to 1and1 guys :)

First go to your admin control panel in -> domains -> put check mark to -> New -> create subdomain -> type www -> "OK"

select -> DNS -> Edit Dns Settings -> select CNAME -> put in Alias filed -> then check I am aware........... -> OK

select -> Destination -> Edit Destination -> Select "Forward Your Domain" in Destination drop down menu -> then put in forwarding destination field -> forwarding type HTTP redirect -> "OK"

then go to your -> settings -> publishing -> advanced settings -> put -> "SAVE SETTINGS"

thats it !!! your blog should perfectly redirect to whether u type,,

It may take long time for all these records to apply and forward your domain properly.

you may check the same with my blog :

coz!!! it is in my regional language :)

Thanks !

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