Friday, February 13, 2009

Custom Domain Names DNS error Blogger Blogs Today

By Jamie Boyle

For all those who have custom domain names that redirects their blogspot blogs from blogger to their own unique domain, you were all probably scratching your heads today. Most of you were receiving " Oops! This link appears broken. DNS error- cannot find server". I know cause I was one of them. Here is what I saw this afternoon:

Custom Domain Name Problem - DNS Error page most bloggers seen today when visiting their blogs

I was completely stumped on what was going on with my domain. I had set up custom domains on several of my blogs including this one months back and did not have any problems. Then today none of my custom domain name blogs were online. I went onto Google Groups, the Blogger Help Forum to see if others were experiencing the same issue. I was glad to know that I wasn't the only one. Lots of bloggers were giving advice on what to do but I wasn't sure on this. Like I said I set up my custom domains a while back and they were working just fine until today.

I decided to call GoDaddy who my domain names are registered with and they took a look into it for me. They said as long as I forward my domain name to itself everything should be fine. So I went in forward it to itself as like GoDaddy advised me to and a few hours later my blogs were online again. The funny thing that gets me is why were they working fine before until today??? Guess I won't know until I do some more research online. So if any of you are experiencing some problems with your blogger blogs with custom domains try this and it should work. It did for me anyway. Wish you best of luck and let me know if others had the same problem today with custom domains with Blogger.

Update: After following some advice from Chuck The Real Blogger Status from Google Groups the Blogger Help Forum he showed me a way to make my blog more reliable so that it is online all the time. After doing the changes that worked I saw a error message when I published back to my custom domain " blogs may not be hosted at naked domains" I will be on the Google Blogger Help Forum to know more on what this is. For other people to know what I am seeing I am uploading a screenshot of what I am seeing here:

Custom Domain error message seen on blogger blogs - Blogs may not be posted at naked domains

Anyone else receiving this message please feel free to comment. I guess a lot of people have been having the same issues with custom domains and unable to find server.


splogger said...

"Blog host names must have a subdomain" the message you get when
setting up a domain without www

Google changed info on,
where "only the subdomain" repeated many times :) That's why I think
we are experiencing the "Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains"
issue... and the check box doesn't work properly.

But on
they still say "You can use this feature with domains (e.g. or subdomains (e.g."

Karismawan said...

So, what is the solution?

adrin said...

Hey......thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.

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