Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adwords Account Warning Due To Repeated Site Quality Violations

Google Adwords Sends Strong Message To Adword Advertisers with Warning Message or Suspension Email Notice!

Google Adwords advertisers were probably shocked when they got an email stating, " Adwords Account Warning Due To Repeated Site Quality Violations ". This email was sent out to many Adword users on Sept. 25, 2009. Many people have been chatting on forums all about this news that just came out. From what people are saying is that Google seems to have decided it doesn’t want the money from many people using AdWords to drive traffic to thin affiliate sites, which it’s already been penalising out of its organic results for several years. Some people were lucky to get warning messages where other Adword advertisers got this message instead, " Your AdWords Account Suspended Due To Repeated Site Quality Violations ".

This is what Adword advertisers received from Google for the warning message:


It has come to our attention that you have submitted several ads for landing pages considered to be of a poor quality per our Landing Page and Site Quality Guidelines. Please remove any ads and landing pages in your account that may be in violation of these guidelines, and do not create new ads that are in violation. If you need more information about our Landing Page and Site Quality guidelines, please visit

This email serves as a final warning. Any additional discovery of ads in violation of these guidelines will immediately disqualify you from participating in the AdWords program.

As noted in our Terms and Conditions, Google reserves the right to terminate advertisements for any reason. To view our Terms and Conditions, please visit

We appreciate your cooperation.

As you can imagine it left many Adword advertisers worried, scared or mad depending on what message they got. Lots of business owners rely on Google Adwords for advertising and getting traffic, as Google is the largest search engine on the Internet today.

What's unfortunate about the whole thing is that many Adword advertisers use their service honestly and abide by all the rules and regulations that Google puts in its policy. Many people are being affected by this news where they probably shouldn't have been. I understand that Google is trying to protect users experience but in the mean time innocent people are being affected by this change. Some websites and blogs that offer people great content, and great user experience getting what they were looking for are being affected by this latest news from Google.

It will be interesting to see people's feedback over the next couple of weeks and what Adwords advertisers have to say and how Google responds to many questions that people are wondering about. In my opinion some people should not have got the Adwords Account Warning Due To Repeated Site Quality Violations or suspended message. Some people just got caught in the crossfire by Google trying to protect user experience and it's truly unfortunate.

Did your Google Adwords account get suspended or get the warning due to repeated site quality violations? If so let's here your feedback and what everyone has to say about it.


Anonymous said...

I got that letter twice! Once on the 25th and once another e-mail address that is related to the same AdWords account. I don't understand what they want me to do. They won't tell me anything. They won't return emails. They just keep referring to that same page and I'm following every rule on it. My sites are all over 30 pages. Some are blogs with tons of pages. All my affiliate links are php redirects. Everything that the so called guru's say to do I've done. It really looks like Google doesn't want people making money from the traffic they get from adwords. They just want you doing some lame branding thing. Anyway I don't have time to play Google's baby games anymore. Internet marketers made them popular, but now they want to turn around and bite the hand that has fed them so well. In the niche I was in, there is 1 advertiser buying ads with 5 different google accounts thus covering the first page. This activity goes unchecked and yet my sites that abide by ALL the rules gets slapped.

MakingMoneyForLife said...

Oh I know I got the email today too, " Adwords Account Warning Due To Repeated Site Quality Violations". I don't understand either on what's going on. I've been talking to people on forums about this and everyone is getting this even people who spend millions of dollars.

What I do think is Adwords by righst should perform customer service and tell people what exactly is wrong. How can people go and advertise on Google Adwords for years and years with no problems. We are a paying customer and we should be treated accordingly. It seems that Google has all the rights and the advertisers have none. I saw one person who lost over 40% of his revenue due to this issue. That's huge!

Google is playing with people's lives! If people have one site or two that may have problems with Google needs to let the customer know so we can address the issue. If they don't tell us how do people learn.

I think Adwords will be sending out warnings and suspensions on a weekly basis from now on. Not sure what's going on but I think that Google needs to let us all know and the owners of Google should put a video on YouTube addressing this major change that's affecting many people's lives.

I know what you mean my sites abide by the rules too but I have two campaigns I have been given warnings about. The others are running fine still, but the question is for how long. We have lost all control here and never had it. The Adword Warning for Repeated Site Quality Violations needs to be addressed in a clearer way, period.

Anonymous said...

My adwords account was suspended on the 25th September. The reason they gave me was for trying to submit an add 2 weeks ago that violated TOS. Even though i altered the ads to resubmit for aproval totally in line with toc's - they were still dissaproved, so i left them and didnt try tpo submit again. 2 weeks later my account froze and i received an email about suspention when i conrtacted them. now i have no reply to any emails? I have pleaded my case with many emails but no reply? i just want to know if my emails to support are being read or if they ignore my email address? anyoe else being ignored or managed to get through to support after receiving the email??

Anonymous said...

I didn't even get a warning they just disabled my account and sent me a rude letter about repeat violations to the tos. They seemed to indicate I am a criminal a scammer and a I'm selling porn. WTF? Also I am not an affiliate my site links up my stores that sell t-shirts on zazzle and cafepress. All of my keywords are about funny t-shirts and my ONE ad was we sell funny t-shirts you can't get anywhere else.

I had one ad! Not several and it just stopped working one day. I couldn't optimize my campaign or get my keywords to start working again so I added more keywords. Someone later told me you aren't supposed to do this? Huh what exactly was I supposed to be doing?

Google doesn't seem to want anyone to advertise on them who is not willing to spend 50,000 dollars on every click! They are trying to get rid of all small business owners I guess.

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